Our law firm is specialized in private international law.  This specific branch of law deals with all kind of relationship between individuals presenting an “international element” regarding France.

For instance, this refers to any divorce between to aliens living in France, or between a French citizen and his/her alien spouse. It also concerns all questions related to the matrimonial regime, adoptions, legal conditions of marriage, employment contracts and sales contracts.

These kinds of situations entail two series of questions. On the one hand, we need to determine whether French courts have jurisdiction or not, on the other we need to determine which law is applicable when several nationalities are involved.

Our firm is specialized in international family law matters. As such, we mainly deal with international divorce cases, meaning divorces of individuals of different nationalities, or who were married abroad. This type of cases involve the implementation of international rules such EU Regulation n°2201/2003 called BRUSSELS II bis, concerning jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility; or Regulation n°1259/2010, called ROME III, implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of the law applicable to divorce and legal separation.

Divorce entails consequences on an individual’s economic rights as well as on his parental rights. Therefore, the determination of the law applicable to these specific cases, especially in the international conventions such as The Hague Convention of March 14th 1978 related to the law applicable for matrimonial regimes.

If the divorce is an important part of our expertise, our law firm also deals with cases of international child abduction or illicit retention of child by implementing The Hague Convention of October 25th 1980.

Moreover, our law firm is competent to establish Certificate of celibacy and custom required for marriages in France between aliens or between a French citizen and an alien.

In parallel, we have developed an area of expertise in immigration law. We first propose a consultation so as to determine the legal options open for the candidate to French immigration: student visa, visa with work permit, long stay visa and short stay visa. The purpose is to see with the candidate if he is eligible to the visa he wants. If yes, then our firm assists the candidates in the preparation of their application file. We also assist all candidates to French nationality.